How we can help

Portfolio analysis

We can look at the list of chemicals you produce and prioritise them in terms of their time of entry into the REACH process.


We can act as a repository of confidential data for consortia who have concerns about the confidentiality of their data. This means we can act as a single point of contact with regulatory authorities.

Assessment of individual chemicals

Having identified the chemicals that need attention, we will be able to assess any existing data, carry out a literature review and a gap analysis to assess what additional data are required and how best to provide those data

Presentation of test programme

If appropriate we will be able to present and discuss test programmes with the regulatory authorities before implementing them.

Test programme implementation

On the basis of the advice given, we will assess the best places to conduct the tests, to review costs, protocols, study conduct and reports.


The ForthTox REACH Consortium has access to the predictive software system DEREK - Deduced Experimental Results from Existing Knowledge. This will be an important aspect of REACH evaluation as it may reduce the need for testing chemicals in vivo.

Preparation of documentation

If the initial assessment of the chemical needs to be expanded with additional test data, we will prepare documents for submission to the authorities and, where needed, make presentations of the data to facilitate registration.