Paul Illing PhD, FIBiol, FRSC, FRIPH, CFIOSH, CChem, CBiol

Adam Woolley

Paul Illing has been an independent consultant for five years, specialising in toxicology and risk assessment for occupational health, product and process safety and environmental pollution, servicing contract research organisations, chemical companies, solicitors, trade associations (UK, European and US) and Government Agencies. He founded the consultancy following 18 years in Government chemicals risk assessment. This included periods as Head of Toxicology and Head of Biocides and Biological Agents in the Health and Safety Executive and first Secretary of the Government/Research Councils Initiative on Risk Assessment and Toxicology. He joined the Health and Safety Executive as a principal toxicologist at the start of the first Europe wide regulatory scheme (for New Substances) and he implemented several subsequent regulatory schemes. Prior to this he was in pharmaceuticals research, specialising in metabolism and pharmacokinetics. Paul trained at Universities of St Andrews (BSc), Dundee (PhD), Mainz (Post doctoral fellow) and Central Lancashire (MSc Env Tox).

He is a Chartered Scientist and Registered Toxicologist and holds fellowships from the Institute of Biology, the Royal Society of Chemistry, the Royal Institute of Public Health and the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health. He has published extensively on toxic risk assessment and management, and is author of 'Toxicity and Risk' (Taylor and Francis, 2001), and chapters in 'General and Applied Toxicology' (first and second editions, 1993 and 2000), 'Fundamental Toxicology for Chemists' (first and second editions, 1996 and expected 2005), 'Practical Guide to Chemical Safety Testing' (2003) and 'Alternatives to Animal Testing' (expected 2006). He is also an Honorary Lecturer in the Centre for Occupational and Environmental Health, University of Manchester, and a visiting lecturer to MSc courses in toxicology at the Universities of Birmingham and Surrey. Paul is the current Royal Society of Chemistry representative on the UK Chemicals Stakeholders Forum (DEFRA) and a member of the RSC Environment, Health and Safety Committee and Occupational and Environmental Toxicology Group Committee.